January 10

by Barrett Bartels January 10, 2017

January 10

History Tuesday:
The kiddos thoroughly enjoyed our bouncy castle (inside because it's crazy windy here 😳😬). I ran Calming to diffuse some of the craziness 😜 Ever wonder where bouncy houses originated?
🏰 In 1959 John Scurlock was working to invent an inflatable cover for clay tennis courts to protect them against rain.
🏰 His employees loved jumping on these and thus the "Space Walk" was born
🏰 Scurlock began to manufacture Space Walks but his wife realized there was more of a market to rent them
🏰 In 1968 the Scurlock family began renting out Space Walks for all sorts of events
🏰 The first invention was little more than a large inflatable mattress, walls weren't added until the late 1960s
🏰 Scurlock went on to invent more inflatable items, with his greatest achievement being an inflatable pad for firefighters to use to rescue people from burning buildings

Now you know!

Barrett Bartels
Barrett Bartels


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