About Amour Naturals


Amour Naturals is a locally owned and operated family business, based in Arvada, Colorado.  As a family business, we would never offer anything for sale that we don't use ourselves. 

We've searched the world over to source the highest quality essential oils and natural ingredients so you can be confident you're getting the best for your family.  Because we buy direct from the producers, we're able to cut out the middleman and save you money.

As a family run company, we believe it is our job to promote responsible stewardship of our resources.  We also believe it is important to know exactly what we put in our bodies.  Under these beliefs, we commit to delivering products that are both organic and renewably sourced. We also commit to educating our customers about natural options so they can make informed decisions that suit them best.

I, Rachel Bartels, am the founder of Amour Naturals and run the business in partnership with my husband, Barrett.  We have three young children and have developed a passion for ensuring they get nothing but the best when it comes to anything they put in or on their bodies.  We hope to share a little of that passion with you through the products we deliver from Amour Naturals.