July 25

by Barrett Bartels July 25, 2017

July 25

What a fun day in #cleveland  This city's revitalization is going well and it's been so fun learning a new part of #american history!  Fun facts about Cleveland:
 the term "rock and roll" was coined here. 
Cleveland set their river on fire a dozen times. So did other industrial cities, but Cleveland's fire caused the EPAs formation and other clean water/environmental acts 
Cleveland used to be a major stop for music artists, much like Nashville 
 There used to be over 30 breweries in the city but Prohibition shut them all down. They are now making a comeback and currently there are about 25 craft breweries! 
The modern golf ball was Invented here in 1898 
The pic above is the #clevelandarcade and was the first American shopping mall. It was opened in 1890
Our Pain Be Gone was much appreciated after walking all over the city!  (plus its 50% off this month!!)

Barrett Bartels
Barrett Bartels


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