June 20

by Barrett Bartels June 20, 2017

June 20

History Tuesday:
As the temperature rises and we get outside more, what does your sun protection look like? Did you know that a healthy dose of vitamin D will actually help prevent many illnesses, including some cancers? Just don't overdo it! If you are going to be out all day or around water, you'll still want protection. But did you know most conventional sunscreens contain hormone disrupting, cancer causing, genetic defect causing ingredients??
Throughout history, world cultures have used clothing as sun protection
Historically, the more fair your skin, the higher class you were. Only working class citizens had tans
 Egyptians formulated the first sunscreen using aloe vera, oils derived from plant parts, and a clay/calcite mix
In 1928 the first synthetic sunscreen was introduced
In Post-Industrial revolution times, a tan was seen as a sign that you could afford to travel. Doctors even began to advocate for a healthy dose of sun and light tan
Sunscreen companies countered and began fear mongering regarding the sun. People began to use large amounts of sunscreen, forgetting their bodies still needed a healthy amount of vitamin D
Some studies show that the use of synthetic sunscreens in the 1960s predisposed people to wrinkles-more so than the sunbathing itself!
There are safe, natural ways to protect yourself from harmful sun exposure-just remember-you DO need some exposure without protection!
We will touch on great natural protection this week so stay tuned!!

Barrett Bartels
Barrett Bartels


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