November 13

by Barrett Bartels November 13, 2017

November 13

Do you store your essential oils properly? If not, this could happen to your bottles!  Read on for proper storing techniques:
 ALWAYS store #essentialoils in dark cobalt or amber glass bottles. These protect the oils from deteriorating in the sunlight. ☀️
 Store oils in a cool, dark place to slow deterioration 
 ALWAYS store #eos in glass bottles as essential oils will dissolve plastic and rubber over time and the oil will be ruined 
 If you use glass dropper bottles, mix only a bit with a carrier oil in the bottle at a time and ALWAYS store the bottle upright. Otherwise the oil will eat away at the rubber dropper and it will get gummy, ruining your oil 🤢
 Essential oils will oxidize and deteriorate over time, but they won’t go rancid. However, carrier oils DO go rancid, so blend small amounts that can be used quickly! 
 ALL of our packaging is recyclable, so if this is happening with old bottles, toss them in with your recyclables and grab a new one to insure your oils aren’t deteriorating too quickly! 

Barrett Bartels
Barrett Bartels


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