November 29

by Rachel Bartels November 29, 2016

November 29

History Tuesday:
As we light the candles of our German Weihnachtspyramide for the first time today, the Christmas season truly begins for us. Ever wonder about these amazing creations?
🕯They originated in Germany in the Middle Ages where they were hung from the ceiling to ward off darkness during winter
🕯The name Christmas pyramid came about after Napolean introduced images of pyramids to Europe
🕯These were very popular all over Europe in the 1700s
🕯They were brought to America by German immigrants in the 1700s
🕯The technology to build these is believed to have come from Persia in the 6th century, where crusaders found windmill technology and brought it back hold
🕯This specific Weihnachtspyramide is dear to my heart because it was given to me during a trip to Germany with my German in laws while tracing their family heritage 💕💕

Rachel Bartels
Rachel Bartels


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