September 27

by Rachel Bartels September 27, 2016

September 27

History Tuesday:
After a VERY special, busy, fun weekend with daddy (read: junk food) my sweet oldest came down with a fever from exhaustion last night. Fever Reducer and sleep worked their magic and he's as good as new today. But it got me wondering, where did the thermometer come from?
🌡Galileo invented the first water thermoscope in 1593
🌡Santorio first put a numerical scale on a thermoscope in 1612
🌡The Grand Duke of Tuscany, Ferdinand II invented the first enclosed thermometer in 1654. It used alcohol, was not accurate, and had no standard scale
🌡Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit invented the Mercury thermometer with a standardized scale in 1714.
🌡In 1724, Fahrenheit introduced his scale that recorded changes in temperature
🌡The Celsius scale was invented by Anders Celsius in 1742
🌡Lord Kelvin took the Celsius scale one step further and in 1848 invented the Kelvin scale to measure extreme temperatures
I am grateful for all these scientists' work and Fever Reducer to keep us healthy!

Rachel Bartels
Rachel Bartels


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