September 6

by Rachel Bartels September 06, 2016

September 6

History Tuesday:
What's your preference? Do you prefer to shop at big box stores or small local boutiques? Why?
💙 Boutiques are making a big comeback as more and more people prefer to support local businesses, which if you think about it, is how stores began.
💙 A local family would run the "town store". They knew all their customers personally so you were sure to have a customized shopping trip.
💙 Mom and Pop shops were everywhere and often were the only option. Until larger corporations came to be. A "one stop shop" mentality forced many local businesses to close.
💙 Today, people want that local kind of experience again-where they walk into a store and the owner knows them and their preferences. Yes, prices might be a tad higher. And yes, you will have to visit various stores/makers. But the quality you are getting cant be beat! Not only are you helping a small local business/artist/family, but you will be sure to love your experiences and products so much more!
💙 We are so excited to be part of a new boutique (think craft fair/farmers market meets local boutique)! Join us on Thursday for a fun filled#grandopening @switchboardnetworkingboutique
💙 Lots of local businesses you'll LOVE to support!

Rachel Bartels
Rachel Bartels


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