All Natural Lotion

A specially formulated blend of soothing completely natural ingredients to moisturize and heal skin.  All Natural Lotion will keep skin smooth and moisturized all day while healing rashes, dry skin, or other skin issues.  Our formula is quite concentrated and much more effective than store bought brands.  Contains no harmful additives, chemicals, or petroleum, just all natural ingredients to help skin stay nourished the way nature intended!


All Natural Lotion is 100% natural ingredients:

Almond Oil
Traps moisture to keep skin nourished, restores normal PH of skin, absorbs quickly, lightens dark marks, reduces skin irritations and anti-inflammatory
Locks in moisture, protects skin from environment, softens skin, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, germicidal antioxidant, heals skin
Coconut Oil
Treats rash, antifungal, soothing to skin, moisturizer, relieves itching, antifungal, antiviral,
Rosehip Seed Oil
Hydrates skin, reduces scars, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, soothes itchy skin, heals skin, restores elasticity
Vitamin E Oil
Natural preservative, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hydrates and soothes skin, heals and reduces scarring and dark spots, improves elasticity
Essential Oils (varies by scent)
Naturally scents the lotion, heals skin, mood enhancing


Other products to consider:  You might also consider our Skin Repair to prevent and heal any skin issues for baby (or mama) and for a natural diaper cream or our Youthful Skin blend to prevent/reduce effects of aging and to heal/reduce stretch marks.

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