Applicator Bottle

Included in your order you received one or more applicator bottles with a glass dropper screw-on cap or a roller bottle.  This bottle is used to dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil such as sweet almond, olive, jojoba or grapeseed oil.  Diluting them in a carrier oil makes them last longer while still benefiting from their powerful properties.  The carrier oil will allow them to soak into the skin better, not evaporate as quickly and last longer on your skin and in your body.  In addition, diluting them should reduce sensitivity to your skin. Be sure to use an unrefined, virgin, cold pressed oil for the best benefits.


Please refer to the included instruction page(s) for proper dilution ratios.  If you are using the oils on more than one person, mix the oils for the youngest person’s ratio.  Essential oils mixed with a carrier can last for up to a year, so be sure to empty your applicator bottle after a year.  Undiluted essential oils last for up to 10 years.  The label is intentionally left blank so you can have fun filling in the mix and ratio.

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