Breathe Easy

A specially formulated blend of invigorating and healing essential oils to reduce inflammation in airways, allowing user to breathe normally, and repair lungs/airways. Works on all types of respiratory issues – asthma, respiratory illnesses, breathing issues caused by allergies, and more.

Breathe Easy is a blend of 100% pure Essential Oils:

  • Copaiba Copaifera officinalis from Brazil
    • Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, calms irritation, enhances other oils
  • Cypress Cupressus sempervirensfrom Morrocco
    • Relaxes muscles, antispasmodic, decongestant, stimulates immunity             
  • Eucalyptus Eucalyptus globulus from China
    • Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, blocks chemicals that cause asthma, opens airways
  • Lemon Citrus limon from Argentina
    • Boosts immune system, antioxidant for lungs, improves breathing
  • Myrtle Myrtus communisfrom Tunisia
    • Anti-inflammatory, soothes respiratory system, decongestant, loosens mucus
  • Peppermint Mentha piperitafrom India
    • Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, dilates and soothes airways
  • Ravensara Agathophyllum aromatic from Madagascar
    • Dilate and strengthens airways and lungs, loosens mucus from airways, relaxes muscles
  • Spearmint Mentha spicatafrom India
    • Anti-inflammatory, decongestant, dilates and soothes airways

Other oils to consider: You might also consider our Cough and Cold blend if breathing problems are from illness, our Immunity blend to build the immune system before and during cold/flu and allergy seasons, Immunity to diffuse during these seasons and while you are sick, or our Sinus blend if illness is affecting your sinuses and breathing.

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