Top 10 Essentials Set

This set is perfect for you if you'd like to get started with oils and want to have something on hand for nearly every ailment! You will find yourself reaching daily for your oils to apply on the body or add to a diffuser.  If you already love oils, this is a cost effective way to replenish your inventory! Or purchase this set as a great gift for any family. This set includes full size bottles, not diluted sample sizes so you can be sure to have enough for your whole family.

Our Top 10 Essentials Set includes:

Allergy Away 15ml eurodropper

Calming 15ml eurodropper

Cough & Cold 15ml eurodropper

Eucalyptus 15ml eurodropper

Frankincense 15ml eurodropper

Immunity 15 ml eurodropper

Lavender 15ml eurodropper

Pain Be Gone 10ml convenient roll-on bottle 

Peppermint 15ml eurodropper

Tea Tree 15ml eurodropper

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