Face Scrub

A specially formulated blend of invigorating natural ingredients to gently slough away dead cells and heal skin.  Citrus Face Scrub will keep your face silky, radiant, and youthful, while combating acne, reducing pore size, and reversing aging.  Contains no harmful additives or chemicals, just all natural ingredients to help skin stay healthy the way nature intended!


Citrus Face Scrub is 100% natural ingredients:

Rosehip Seed Oil
Prevents and improves wrinkles, brightens skin, full of antioxidants, hydrates skin, reduces scars, prevents/reduces ages spots, balances/evens skin
Vitamin E oil
Repairs UV damage, powerful antioxidant, slows aging, reduces wrinkles, tones skin, improves elasticity, regenerates skin cells, natural preservative, anti-inflammatory
Pure Cane Sugar
Natural exfoliator, sloughs dead skin away, leaves skin smooth and bright without damaging good cells
Citrus Essential Oils 
Naturally scents the scrub, mood enhancing, tones the skin


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